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charon’s Decay is a melodic death metal band from eastfrisia, northern germany.

After the death of their longtime friend and drummer Markus “Farmi“ Fährmann (ferryman) in march 2023, Malte Schepker (Bass), Christian Ihnken (Vocals) and Stefan Koenen (Guitar) burried the band Blixxem and formed Charon’s Decay to honour the legacy of the ferryman.

Soon they found new companions in Helmo Schröder (Guitar) and Reke Buchenau (Drums).

In August 2023 Charon’s Decay entered the Soundlodge Studio to record their first single “Charon’s Decay“, which was released on 09/28/2023 on YouTube.

Inspired by death metal made in Gothenburg and Stockholm Charon’s Decay create a very unique sound by mixing oldschool and modern melodic death metal.

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